Metal Complex Dyes 

Metal complex dye toners are also called transparent dyes, commonly known as color concentrates or toners. They are solvent-soluble dyes and have excellent compatibility with various resins. Therefore, their applications are very wide.


1. Ink industry:

a) Metal complex dyes for solvent-based inks;
b) Metal complex dyes used in printing ink for aluminum foil;
c) Metal complex dyes used for printing inks on other paper or metal surfaces (such as screen printing);

Metal complex dyes


 2. Coating industry:

a) Metal complex dyes for wood coatings;
b) Metal complex dyes for aluminum foil coloring (such as bronzing materials);
c) Metal complex dyes for metal transparent coloring (such as low temperature baking paint for interior decoration);
d) Metal complex dyes for special coatings

 Coating industry


 3. Other industries:

a) Metal complex dyes for ball pens and various stationery inks;
b) Metal complex dyes for surface dyeing of plastic products (such as vacuum plating, etc.);
c) Metal complex dyes for natural and synthetic leather surface coloring;
d) Metal complex dye for shoe polish dyeing.
e) Metal complex dyes for coloring lighting products

Product characteristics: Covering-can clearly reveal the wood texture; environmental protection-using water as a solvent, is a green environmental protection material, non-toxic, no odor, no pollution to the environment, no harm to human health. Not easy Combustion will not cause fire hazard to the production, transportation, storage and use units, and achieve safe production; operability-easy to operate, you can use a general paint brush to apply; uniformity-uniform color, fast coloring, Good effect; adhesion-the dye directly contacts the surface of the wood, so the formed coating has strong adhesion.



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